What’s on my desk?

April (1)

Welcome to my little writing nook! It is finally finished. I started putting it together for my failed attempt at Camp Nanowrimo, but now it’s officially blogging central. It’s not organized, or perfectly styled, but it is all mine. Plus, It comes complete with a TARDIS… filled with tea. Cool, right?
Untitled design (6)My main reason for this post isn’t to show off the Groot figurine that watches me write or King Pig that holds my (not so) secret stash of pennies. Those things are cool, of course, and extremely important to the creative process. I couldn’t imagine looking up from my keyboard and seeing anything other than a Murloc staring at me. It wouldn’t be my desk if it wasn’t covered with assorted flavors of geekery. And I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t want to show them off. So, I guess I did want to brag about my knickknacks a little bit.
Untitled design (4) But, back to the point: My new toys! The first of which came in the mail yesterday. After realizing that I desperatly needed somewhere to keep track of all things blog related, I bought the EPIC BLOG: One-Year Editorial Planner from byregina.com. The planner has only been in action for a few hours and I already feel more organized and on the ball. It’s half workbook half calendar that helps you organize and brand your blog. It’s brilliant. I highly reccomend it! It has made blog planning so much easier.

Untitled design (5)That planner is pretty cool, right? Not as cool at the handmade leather journal I got a week ago. I needed something nice and compact for notetaking. Instead, I bought this beautiful journal. I do not regret my decision. It still fits nicely in my purse and the bigger size better accommodates my large, clumsy handwriting. I just wish the picture did it more justice. Unfortunately, the soft feel of the cover just won’t translate via the internet. Just take my word for it, there is nothing like the feel of writing in a nice journal. It’s like making a new friend.
And that concludes the small tour of my blogging habitat. In a week it will be covered in empty coke cans and cat hair, but for now it is shiny and new. I guess I should get started wrecking it.



14 thoughts on “What’s on my desk?

  1. I’ve always wanted to get a blogger/blogging planner. What does the inside actually look like? Enough room to write/plan? I’ve been thinking a planner might help me organize myself better, less random papers and post its. Plus I might be able to get more posts planned in advance. Highly recommend it?

    AND you get bonus points for the Tardis. XD


    1. It is black and white on the inside and has plenty of space for me to write on the calendar and in the business planning section, and I have very large unruly handwriting. It even has places to track your monthly views/follows and such. As well as places to explore goals for your blog and expansion desires. It’s pretty cool. I highly recommend it.


  2. I liked this post! It was different from what I’m used to seeing on book blogs. That planner sounds so helpful! I just started planning posts about a month in advance (I can’t believe I never have before), so I’ll have to think about getting this.

    P.S. Pop figures are awesome! I have a small collection, myself. 😛


    1. The planner is seriously awesome! I think you can probably buy the journal from Barnes and Noble. That is where I got mine. With it being handmade, I don’t really know what the stock of other stores looks like. There were some really beautiful options, though.


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