Surviving the Slump


So, in my recent review of Air Awakens by Elise Kova, I mentioned that it saved me from a serious reading slump. At the time, that was true. Sadly, the slump has returned. I finished up Frozen Tides by Morgan Rhodes two days ago and nothing I have read since has stuck. I keep picking up books and putting them right back down. And I really can’t figure out why. They can’t all be bad, right? Some of them even have rave reviews on goodreads.

I decided that It might help claw my way out of the slump if I wrote down what was bothering about each of the books I am trying to read. Maybe not, but hey, it’s worth a shot, right?


Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard – I was really excited for Glass Sword. Red Queen wasn’t the best book I have ever read, but I really enjoyed it. The palace setting combined with magic training and a dash of court politics made for a really fun and easy read. I was expecting Glass Sword to have a similar feeling. Unfortunately, I am half way through it and it’s really dragging. The tone is so different from Red Queen. We’ve left the palace for the outside world and we’ve left all of the fun behind. Mare feels hollow now that her Mareena mask is gone. Cal should shine now that he is out of Maven’s shadow, but he just falls flat on the page. I really wanted to like this one, but I am considering adding it to the DNF pile.

icelikefireIce Like Fire by Sara Raasch Snow Like Ashes was another one of those fun and fast paced YA Fantasy reads. It was slightly formulaic, but enjoyable none the less. I picked up the sequel immediately after finishing it, hoping that I would devour it as well. That wasn’t the case. I thought Ice Like Fire would show us more of Winter, this place of legend. And it does start there. But then sets off on another world journey that seems to make the plot inch forward. Having Meira and Mather in separate places means the addition of  separate POV chapters, and the shifts are jarring and a bit distracting. I find myself wanting to skip Mather’s chapters all together. Please give me a reason not to DNF this one.

wolfbywolfWolf By Wolf by Ryan Graudin This book was not really in my wheelhouse. But, people were raving about it on Goodreads and I was looking for something a little out of my comfort zone. So, I bought it. To be honest, I was really enjoying it… until I suddenly wasn’t. I don’t know what happened. I only have 88 pages left in this YA Alternate History, but I just can’t pick it back up. I don’t know if it was the back and forth between past and present or what, but something really threw me off. It may have been the fact that I marathoned The Man in the High Castle on Amazon. Nazi overload? But 88 pages really isn’t all that many, right? I need to just suck it up and finish it. I might even like it when I’m done.

brokenstarsThese Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner This one was an impulse read. I had just finished Illuminae and I really wanted more YA Sci-Fi. Turns out this one isn’t as Sci-Fi as I wanted it to be. It’s more of a survival epic. The Space opera bit is over a quarter of the way in and then it’s all romance and survival. I am really not sure if that is my thing. Maybe I should have read the synopsis a little better before I decided to dig into this one. Oh well. Now I need to decide if I am going to give it another shot or just move on. Jeez, it sounds like I am looking for relationship advice, doesn’t it? But really, has anyone else read this one? Did you love it? Hate it? If someone wouldn’t mind convincing me, I’d be forever grateful!

Ok, so those are my general opinions on the books I keep failing to read. It’s kind of depressing, right?

Can you help me out here, guys? Convince me to stick with these books. Tell me why you loved them. Forward me your reviews. Or tell me why I should move on. Hell, give me suggestions on other things to read. Anything to get me out of this rut.

Thanks in advance!



21 thoughts on “Surviving the Slump

  1. Thank you so much for following me, because I’ve now discovered this wonderous book blog! It looks perfect! In terms of reading slumps, I’ll always finish a book, but if I’m not enjoying it I can go DAYS without picking it up and thus the reading slump begins.

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    1. Awww thanks. 😀 Yeah. I rarely DNF anything My OCD demands completion. But right now the slump is winning. That said, I did make some progress on Glass sword last night. So, maybe I am pulling myself out of it.

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  2. When I’m in a reading slump I either try to reread an old favorite, or I try to read something completely out of my comfort zone. Maybe one of those will help you? Usually I just give up on books that I’m stuck on and then just try to get back to them when I’m out of a slump. Powering through never helps me. I’m actually going to add all of these books to my list for a reading slump because I never read YA, so maybe these will help me out!

    P.S. I’ve tagged you in the Secret Life of a Blogger Tag. I you want to do it, you can find the questions over here:

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  3. Sometimes, I get hit by the slump HARD when I read too much of a certain genre, in a very short time. YA tends to that to me, especially when I read a whole bunch of YA books one right after another, because as much as I love the genre and the tropes, sometimes they can get a little tedious 🙂 I try to mix it up to avoid slump, and just to keep things feeling fresh. Hope you come out of yours soon!

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  4. I’ve read These Broken Stars and…ehhh. If you’re not feeling it trust me you’re not missing much. I thought the series was more Sci-fi but it’s definitely more heavy on the romance unfortunately. And I keep hearing that Ice Like Fire isn’t as good as the first one which sucks because I really enjoyed the first book! I hope you’re able to get out of this slump. Good luck!

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    1. Thanks! I really hope that I can pull myself out of this. I tried again with Glass Sword last night. I read about 20 pages and got distracted. *Sigh* It’s going to be a long month.


  5. I’m doing a buddy read later this month with some Goodreads friends of Glass Sword, so I hope I love it like Red Queen. Ice Like Fire actually was a good read for me. I liked it more than Snow Like Ashes. I’ve not read Wolf by Wolf yet, but I plan to keep on my World War II reads next week after I’m done with Salt to the Sea and Anna and the Swallow Man. I hope you get out of your slump soon.

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  6. I haven’t read any of those books, but I do have a few recommendations for books that got me hooked from page 1!
    Hopefully one of those will help you out of the slump. For contemporary: The Distance Between Us by Kasie West.
    Dystopian Fantasy: Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi. Sci-fi: Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Post-apocalyptic fantasy: Angelfall by Susan Ee or boarding school fantasy for kids with special powers/magic: Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the recommendations! I read Shatter Me and Obsidian (and all of the sequels) last year. I hated the romance in Shatter Me, but I really enjoyed The Lux series. I have been meaning to pick up Angelfall, but just haven’t gotten to it yet. I will add it and Touch of Frost to my list! Thanks again!

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  7. You can do it! But there’s nothing wrong with putting a book down either and just keeping trying until you find something that sticks. I really enjoyed Wolf by Wolf – I loved how different it was (the only negative was that I found Felix a little annoying). It has a pretty unexpected ending and I think the sequel is going to take things to a whole other level. There’s also a novella from Luca’s POV (about his experience in the first race he competed it – so we will hopefully find out what went down with him and real Adele) coming out on the 8th March. Here’s my review if you want.

    Maybe you should break the YA genre for awhile, try something like The Martian (Andy Weir), The Butterfly and the Violin (Kristy Cambron), I Am Malala (Malala Yousafzai), or settle in for the long term with The Name of the Wind (Patrick Rothfuss). But if not, and you’re determined to stick with YA maybe give (if you haven’t already) The Wrath & the Dawn (Renée Ahdieh) a spin – or A Thousand Pieces of You (Claudia Gray), Tiger’s Curse (Colleen Houck), or something really easy like Switched by Amanda Hocking (or any of her other books really).

    I hope that helped! x

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    1. Yeah. I am considering taking a step back from YA. Maybe that will do the trick.

      I did enjoy The Wrath and The Dawn and am looking forward to the sequel. Switched by Amanda Hocking was a big miss for me. I preferred The Kanin Chronicles. They seemed more on point.

      Thanks for the suggestions!

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  8. I read These Broken Stars on an impulse as well, and I just felt a bit meh about it. I hadn’t realised that it was one of the same authors of Illuminae – I think if I’d realised that sooner I would have been very hesitant about reading Illuminae in case it was as bland (thankfully not!!). These Broken Stars was just one of those books that I can’t really remember anything about, even though it was that long ago that I read it. I think I’m skipping the rest in the series…bring on more Illuminae 😉

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    1. Of all of the books on this list These Broken Star is the one most likely to end up in the DNF pile. I haven’t invested as much time into it. It’s the first book in a series, and it just never hooked me. Maybe I will try again later and have a different opinion. Who knows?

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  9. I’m sorry you’re suffering a reading rut, but I have to say it’s nice to read such bluntly honest opinions on these books, it’s a refreshing change to see a person call it how they see it instead of being diplomatic and cheerfully positive when they’re really not enjoying something.

    I don’t have any YA to recommend, but I did just finish Jim Butcher’s ‘Aeronaut’s Windlass’, which is described as ‘steampunk meets magic with a dose of sci-fi for seasoning’. I was lured into it with the tantalizing prospect of a cat as a protagonist and omg, Rowl is AMAZING. I’m not sure if you’ve tried any of his other works, since I notice you only have Dresden Files in your tags, but if you haven’t read this, it’s worth it just for the feline awesomeness.

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    1. I am glad someone enjoys my opinions. I was a little afraid they might be a bit too abrasive. But, I figure if I can’t be me on my blog where can I be me?

      You know, I have been meaning to read Aeronaut’s Windlass. I am a BIG Dresden Files fan and Jim Butcher is one of my Idols because of it. I haven’t branched out into his other books yet, though. Mostly because I’m peeved about the two year wait for the next Dresden book. 😛 I am going to look into reading that one, though. For Jim and for the cat. Thanks for the recommendation!

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      1. I don’t hold with the ‘if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything’ thinking when it comes to opinions on books, music, movies, etc. I don’t think most people go into these things intending to have a bad time, so if you have legit criticism, go for it! Especially on your own blog 😉

        Lol, I come from the exact opposite camp – I had a grudge against Dresden Files because I loved his Codex Alera series and was irritated he kept ditching it for your fave! I hope we can compromise on Aeronaut’s Windlass (or at least that it’s not your next DNF).

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      2. Agreed. I actually prefer to read critical reviews. That way I know what I am getting into if I am reading them before the book or I can look back and see if I agree with issues other people have. It’s kind of fun.

        Hahaha. Well, I haven’t read Codex Alera, either. But I am probably going to . Gotta do something while I’m waiting on Peace Talks. And I doubt anything by Jim Butcher would end up my next DNF. Though, this slump is ruthless. So, you never know. Let’s hope not.


      3. I do the same as well! I usually look at the 2 star reviews on amazon before starting a book. It helps me not to have super high expectations or brace myself if there is something I don’t enjoy (really dislike sexual assault plotlines, I wish authors had to warn for that), and I often go back to compare my experience afterwards.

        I hope you beat that slump to a pulp 😉 Good luck with your next read!

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