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  1. Hi Caitlin! I read your Soulless review and I’m glad you started on the series before reading Prudence. It’s a good idea because many of the characters from Parasol Protectorate return in Prudence. I read the whole series and I love it! I also have the Finishing School series too.

    I hope you don’t mind but I nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can find the full details here: Participation is optional but have fun with it!


    1. Reading the Parasol Protectorate first is also giving me a much better picture of how the supernatural community is structured. That was probably the most confusing part of the first two chapters of Prudence. It won’t be long before I have reviews for the entire series up. People will think they are the only thing I ever read. 😛

      Thanks for the nomination! Sounds like fun!


      1. I wouldn’t say it’s an odd shift. The writing is the same but the Finishing School series serves as sort of a prequel to Parasol Protectorate. You can still read Parasol first and Finishing School after (that’s what I did). And when you finally read Prudence, you’ll notice that the book is a hybrid of both.

        If you love reading about ladies of quality learning to finish in Victorian steampunk, I think you’ll love Finishing School.


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