Book Haul: April


Welp, I am only a week in and I am already behind. It has been pretty busy around our house these days and I just haven’t found the time to finish Prudence. I will get that review up ASAP. For now, I have decided to post my April book haul.

I should tell you all that I don’t buy traditional books anymore. I received a first generation Nook Color for my birthday in 2009 and I haven’t looked back. Three readers later and I have settled on my 7″ Kindle Fire HD. I occasionally miss the new book smell, but the ability to read in bed without needing a book light (or waking my husband) is absolutely worth the sacrifice.

Now, on to the books.

prudencePrudence by Gail Carriger
Window shopping at Barnes and Noble leads to many of my purchases. I may not read hard copies of books anymore, but I still enjoy browsing the shelves and convincing myself that I don’t need to buy everything I touch. Prudence was the aftermath of one such shopping trip. I will admit that the cover was a huge draw. The blurb sealed the deal. I haven’t read any of Gail Carriger’s other books, and I hope that doesn’t keep me from enjoying Prudence as much as I think I will. Maybe I will go back and read The Parasol Protectorate after I am done.

Fairest_CoverFairest by Marissa Meyer
The Lunar chronicles didn’t strike me as something that would interest me originally, but I devoured all three of them and the accompanying novellas in less than a week. Hearing there was a prequel made me jump for joy. I just can’t wait to get to it on my reading list. I may even skip ahead just to get my fix. Or, maybe it is best to pace myself so the wait between Fairest and Winter won’t feel so long. Who am I kidding? It’s a miracle I have waited this long. Expect to see this one reviewed in the very near future.

10194157Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo
There was a Q&A with Marissa Meyer in February and I asked “What is the best book you have read in the last year?”. She responded with the second book in this series and I made a mental note to begin reading them. Then I promptly forgot until I was browsing amazon and came across it again. Since Ms. Meyer was kind enough to take the time to answer my question I really should read her recommendations. Plus, I am such a fan of her books that I am sure her recommendations will be right up my alley.

12216302Cold Days by Jim Butcher
The Dresden Files series is the literary equivalent of comfort food. Stress and anxiety melt away with each chapter. I am truly obsessed. To the point that I likely won’t review Jim Butcher’s books here, just because I want to keep them all to myself. That may sound a bit insane, but it makes sense to me. Unfortunately, Cold Days in the next to last in the series. With no release date for the upcoming Peace Talks, it looks like I am going to be in the market for a new comfort series. Any suggestions?

I did make one tangible purchase this month and I have wanted to show it off since I brought it home. Remember that Barnes and Noble window shopping trip, I mentioned? Well, I didn’t go home empty-handed. I found the most beautiful handmade leather journal and simply couldn’t leave it there. It is now my official Weezled blogging journal and goes everywhere I go. I am sure there will be pictures of it in the near future. Probably when I get around to taking pictures of the blogging nook in my office.


5 thoughts on “Book Haul: April

  1. I second the Kevin Hearne recommendation. Iron Druid Chronicles is one of my favorite series. I haven’t read Prudence yet, but I really enjoyed the Parasol Protectorate books.

    I read the first two Grisha books back to back, just before Ruin & Rising came out. I liked them a lot, probably the first more than the second. Ruin and Rising was a miss for me. I read about 75 pages and returned it to the library. I think I wasn’t in the right mood for it, because there was absolutely nothing wrong with it.

    I gobbled up the Lunar Chronicles also. I haven’t read Fairest yet, but I will.

    Great haul!!!

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    1. I looked at The Iron Druid Chronicles on Goodreads and they look great. I am excited to start reading them.

      Did you read the Finishing School series as well as Parasol Protectorate? I am wondering if both are worth the read since Finishing school is supposedly aimed toward a younger audience.


  2. I’m really looking forward to Prudence! Carriger is a wonderful writer.

    If you like Jim Butcher, you might also enjoy Kevin Hearne. His books are a bit more light-hearted, but have a similar feel.


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